Wednesday, April 16, 2008

iNSiDEaMiND 12" *circle research* Remix


THE TINIEST SPY 12" b/w A Matter of Time including remixes by Circle Research & Murr (LAL)

With a steadily growing and dedicated worldwide fan base, iNSiDEaMiND are proud to announce the release of their debut 12" highlighting two tracks off their forthcoming Scatterpopia LP.

*12" Available worldwide in Vinyl and Digital format May 1st 2008 *

A1. The Tiniest Spy ~ feat. Laura Barrett (Paper Bag Records).
A2. The Tiniest Spy ~ Instrumental
A3. The Tiniest Spy ~ A cappella
A4. Bonus Bits ~ feat. a unique array of sounds for the adventurous scratch musicians around the world.

B1. A Matter of Time ~ Original
B2. A Matter of Time ~ Organic Coffee remix by murr (Lal, Public Transit Recordings)
B3. A Matter of Time ~ Circle Research remix (Melting Pot Music)

Truly an instant classic, the Tiniest Spy 12" is a must have.
iNSiDEaMiND brings electronic edge down to earth with their turntable folk soundtrack.