Friday, January 21, 2011

VIDEO - Formulas And Functions – Circle Research (Maylee Todd REMIX)

Formulas And Functions – Circle Research (Maylee Todd REMIX) from Circle Research on Vimeo.

Formulas And Functions – Circle Research (Maylee Todd REMIX)

So 2010 saw Circle Research make a remix of "Formulas And Functions" with Maylee Todd who I actually got to direct in a another CR video "You Don't Know Me" ( , I didn't really know who she was at the time we made "You Don't Know Me"; I just took her for one of CR's cool artsy friends. Fast fwd to 2011 and I sure do know now who she is now, as does anyone who knows good music in Canada because Maylee Todd is awesome!!!!
So CR made the remix of "Formulas And Functions" featuring Maylee Todd, so I remixed the video to fit the new version.
p.s. the yaking part in the video was open to interpretation from the start; my interpretation at the time was foreshadowing to being prego, which I'm glad to report has worked out marvelously, we are now proud parents of an awesome baby boy : )

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Circle Research Show! EPISODE #62

The Circle Research Show! EPISODE #62

1, Kool & The Gang - Chocolate Buttermilk
2. Cal Tajder - Aquarius
3. Kool & The Gang - Let The Drums Speak
4. Johnny Pate - You Can't Even Walk In The Dark
5. Family Tree - Family Tree
6. Slave - Just A Touch Of Love
7. Rene & Angela - Secret Rendezvous
8. Ramsey Lewis - Tequila Mockingbird
9. Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgetting
10. Toto - Georgy Porgy
11. Brian Bennett - Discovery
12. Waterbed Kev - All Night Long
13. The Meters - The Hand Clapping Song
14. Summer Style - Cat & Mouse
15. Tom Browne - Brighter Tomorow
16. Big Remo & 9th Wonder - Go Ladies
17. Freedom Writers - Wake Up
18. Kanye West - Hell of A Life
19. K Dot O Dot - Mr. Brownstone
20. Devin The Dude - What We Be On
21. Pace One & Mr. Green - Hip Hop
22. Reks - This Or That
23. Static Selector - Word Up
24. Rich Kidd feat:Ski- Take It Slow (remix)
25. FAT Thursday - Turnaround Again (inst)
26. Beatface - Until It Sleeps