Friday, September 5, 2008

Circle Research: WHO? - In



Circle Research : WHO?

Who? Circle Research! Two cool cats from Toronto, Canada, called Astro and Nik T.The dynamic duo has been an integral part of the Toronto hip hop scene since Showbiz & A.G. dropped their “Party Groove” EP (for all 80ties babies, we are talking about 1992). Circle Research are old souls when it comes to hip hop and rap, but their beats are brand new.

“Who?” is also the title of their first album for MPM. A “Donuts” style throwback record – 36 tracks strong but only 38 minutes long. It is based on some of the the most classic hip hop breaks and samples but excecuted in 2008 fashion. Astro and Nik evaporate the DNA of hip hop into a 38 minute beat tape that is actually a real album. And it’s fun too!

“Who?” started as a show-reel / demo tape that Astro and Nik put together to show their skills and sound. It became an instant office favourite at the MPM headquarters and we convinced the duo to share it with the fans.