Friday, September 5, 2008

Circle Research: WHO? - Review in


Circle Research. Who?

Circle Research - Astro and Nik T, the two producers and fabulous DJs from Toronto.

“Who?”Yes, “Who?” is their “Donuts” style throwback record which will be released at the end of Sept. 2008 (Melting Pot Music)! What they did is absolutely phenomenal. They produced a 36 tracks strong but only 38 minutes long album, which is based on some of the most classic hip-hop breaks and samples but in 2008 fashion. Word!In my opinion this album will be one of the most important releases in 2008 and a reason to buy more records, to spin real vinyl and to keep the independent music alive! “Here to Rock” is my most favorite track on the promo CD. Among others they used samples from KRS-One & Rock Steady Crew and created a drifty tune. Especially this tune is already deep in my head and soul due the combination of these samples…ingenious! So you can expect the DNA of hip-hop into a 38 minute beatape with lots of breaks, samples and history. An investment for ears and soul!