Thursday, January 24, 2008

MC Abdominal Un-Rapped: A Food Diary


R3TV Episode #38: Un-Rapped: A Food Diary

Toronto MC Abdominal is serious about fast food. He'll try nearly anything: deep-fried Mars bars, Jamaican patties, Wimpy's burgers... He'll even eat it slowly.

When we found out he was about to tour England with his partner in crime DJ Fase, we knew he'd be up to sample all the nasty exotic delights of English street and pub cuisine. This episode is his story, wrapped in paper and lovingly microwaved, just like Mom used to do it.

No doubt Abs is back pushing pedals now, working off that layer of grease. But since you're just sitting here with us (lazy!), relax and enjoy this artery-hardening episode of R3TV, and see how a man can suffer for his art. You want fries with that